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Sliced lombo


Sliced, fresh and ready in a tray to taste
100% Italian Meat
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The “Lombo Nostrano” is characterized by its lean and tasty meat. It is offered in pieces weighing about 3 kg and is obtained from the back of the pig.
Its quality is confirmed by our careful selection of fine meat which, to give origin to the product, is processed with artisan care starting with the boning operation.

Once deboned, the loin must be subjected to dry salting and flavoring with the distribution of a balanced mix of spices and salt.

Its maturation takes place in our cellars, in a natural microclimate suitable to protect the final organoleptic value of the product. To turn into a high quality salami, the “Lombo Nostrano” must be aged for a rather long period of 3 months.

Cut into slices that highlight the color of the lean meat, it becomes a special idea not only for the appetizer dish, but also turns into an exquisite second course to be enjoyed simply with the dressing of a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. which accentuates the genuine texture it offers to the palate.

To be consumed raw sliced.

product sliced ​​and packaged in a modified atmosphere, 100gr

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