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Salame da pentola


Fresh salami, lean, traditional and without preservatives. Vacuum-packed
100% italian meat

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The “Salame in Pentola” (ready-to-boil salami), sold in sizes of about 600 grams, has a typical shape that is emphasized by the crosses formed by the strings that bind the natural pig casing.
At Salumificio Peveri we guarantee the absolute freshness of this product confirming a production that takes place every week.

This sausage is particularly tasty but far leaner than other similar products, such as cotechino, because rindless.

The meat we use comes from well-selected, quality pork, which is ground to coarse grain and then seasoned with a blend of spices

This salami must be consumed after cooking. Place it in a pot with cold water and let it boil for about 30-40 minutes from the moment of boiling. Grilled it is even tastier.

Once ready and after being cut into slices, which must be quite thick, it is an excellent second course that can be enjoyed in all its delicious delicacy and completed with a side dish of your choice: potatoes, vegetables, lentils, or a fresh mixed salad.



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