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Salami meatballs


Fresh salami, lean and tasty.
100% italian meat

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The ready-to-fry salami, sold in portions weighing about 800 gr, allows you to prepare delicious specialties in no time. It is the most delicious idea to add to your daily menu or any other special occasion.
We at Salumificio Peveri create this delicacy with the same care that characterizes our entire production, starting from a selection of the most suitable cuts of meat, coming from certified quality pigs. After the grinding, we add to the mince a mix of herbs. Once well blended with the meat, they enrich the organoleptic spectrum of this product’s full-rounded taste.

The ready-to-fry salami, as easily understood, must be consumed after being cut into slices and fried in a pan. You can use it to prepare delicious, enveloping meatballs with a side dish of your choice: sautéed vegetables, a fresh salad, apple compote, or tasty baked potatoes.


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400g sottovuoto, 800g


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