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Fresh salami paste, great for cooking
100% italian meat

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Our salami paste is a fresh product sold in a convenient and practical format weighing 1 kg.

Our careful processing allows us to obtain a final result that guarantees delicacy. It originates, first of all, from our careful selection of pork cuts coming from certified swine.

The meat, after being ground, is seasoned with a blend of spices, herbs and salt in the right amounts, which build the variegated nuances of its flavor before being packed.

Delicious and tasty, the salami mince is ideal for preparing excellent meatballs or a delicious meatloaf to accompany with a side dish of your choice and thus bring to the table a second course of genuine taste. It is essential to create the most delicious filling for meat, peppers, zucchini. It can be spread on pizza as a condiment or enjoyed on really irresistible bruschettas which you can serve as an appetizer for an aperitif.


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