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Pancetta Piacentina D.O.P. a fette


Sliced, fresh and ready in a tray to taste
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With the typical elongated cylindrical shape, the “Pancetta Piacentina DOP” is a high quality product that is characterized by a peculiar organoleptic variation that highlights a delicate and, at the same time, very tasty flavor.
Its processing begins with the selection of the cut of meat to be used, that is the so-called “pancetta”, obtained from the abdomen of pigs which, in compliance with the specification, must come exclusively and exclusively from farms located in Lombardy or Emilia Romagna.

After the salting and flavoring process, the meat must be placed in an environment with a low temperature to spend a rest period there before moving on to its massaging and rolling operation which gives the salami its typical shape.

Its drying and aging from 4 months to a year in our cellars with natural microclimate complete the path, improving its taste and aroma over time and allow you to bring to the table a truly excellent delicacy sliced ​​as an appetizer or as a quality ingredient in the creation of dishes of various types, both first and second courses, and it is certainly irresistible when accompanied by a slice of toasted bread.

product sliced ​​and packaged in a modified atmosphere, 100gr

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