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Mandòla, ham salami


Salame fatto con carne di prosciutto, stagionato, dolce e morbido
100% Italian Meat
Registered trademark®: la Mandòla

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Exquisite ham salami, “la Mandòla” was born from the creativity of Carlo Peveri and its evocative name was chosen precisely in reference to the peculiar shape with which it presents itself to the eye.
It is obtained from the lean part, always very fresh, of the ham of Italian pigs which is finely ground and then seasoned with a mix of natural flavors, sea salt, black pepper, whole spices, garlic and Gutturnio filtered, DOC wine of the Colli Piacentini, which gives the mixture all its value.

After the aromatization phase, the meat is distributed inside the special cotton bag with a typical shape, it is dried and then it is matured in the natural microclimate of the cellars of our salami factory for a rather short period until it finally transforms into the exquisite and appreciated “Mandòla”.

The flavor of this salami is offered to the palate with delicate and sweet hints highlighted in all their nuances when it is tasted as soon as it is cut, when it is very soft.

Due to its organoleptic characteristics it is recommended to accompany it with the equally delicate delicacy of the best white bread, but it is also exquisite in more peculiar combinations, such as that with fruit and, of course, it goes well with an excellent wine with a young and well balanced.

“La Mandòla” also has the peculiarity of being offered in a personalized package accompanied by an informative parchment on its characteristics and how it should be consumed.

Fine grain grinding.


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