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Parma breed black pig guanciale
100% italian meat
registered trademark®: Peveri Black

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The excellence of the black pig Guanciale or Gola is revealed to all senses: the smell is prestigious, the pink tones are a beautiful sight, and the sweet taste is reminiscent of almonds and hazelnuts.

It is an excellent product because the meat is excellent: the “Nero Parmigiano” breed (Parma black pig) is bred in the wild and fed a unique diet that flavors the meat and makes it stand out both for its delicacy and its nutritional qualities.

Gola in Italian means throat, and that is exactly where the cut of pork comes from. Our craft meat is processed in our sausage factory by traditional methods, cured with spices and salt, and aged from 12 to 18 months in the natural micro-climate of our cellars.

The final result is a cured meat of precious delicacy that can be appreciated by all senses. The unmistakable and very pleasant flavor fully highlights the tenderness of its fatty part.

You can enjoy it as an appetizer or as a refined, delicate, ingredient to add to your favorite dishes and make an impression.

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