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Black Pig Coppa


Black Pig Coppa
100% Italian Meat
Registered Trademark®: Peveri Black

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The “Coppa di Suino Nero di Parma” is distinguished by the organoleptic uniqueness of a delicately greedy flavor due to the particular feeding of the animals and their breeding in the wild.
It is obtained with an artisanal process that part of the selection of the most appropriate cut, that is the one that refers to the cervical muscle of the pig, which is deboned to obtain a meat whose basic taste is enriched by an effective mix of spices and aromas that underline its quality on the palate.

The traditional processing of Piacenza coppa follows with particular attention as it is large in size; then an optimal seasoning period of about a year must pass, which is favored by the natural microclimate characteristic of the environment of our cellars.

Very nutritious salami, once cut its slices show themselves to the eye in the chromatic balance created by the lean part and the fat part and is offered in an absolutely pleasant way when tasted.

It is exquisite in the plate of appetizers to which it adds a delicious and peculiar note and is particularly inviting when it accompanies the preparation of a bruschetta to tastefully enrich the aperitif proposal or to make an excellent snack.

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