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Grana Padano Dop

At the beginning of the 11 th century, the Cistercians monks from the abbey of Chiaravalle, started to reclaim
large portion of the surrounding swamps crated by the river Po in the Padania Plains, this started to favour
the development of cattle breeding and soon it brought a large availability of fresh milk, largely over the
needs of the local population.
The monks started to look for means to store this extra supply of milk over long period of time, developing
the mother recipe of “Grana Padano”, a clever way to use this exceeding milk turning it into hard texture
cheese, trough the long period of seasoning the “Grana Padano” is able to keep all the nutritional
properties of milk, while adding a unique flavour.

The original grainy-lumpy texture, totally different from the other cheeses of the time, made sure to
spontaneously give the new cheese its name “Grana” as it translate to “grainy” or “lumpy”

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